My name is Briege.  I live in Wellington, New Zealand.  I have had two young adult novels published and I write discussion notes for a national book reading group scheme.

I get nervous when asked who my favourite authors are because I worry I’ll miss someone out.  Some firm favourites are: Jane Austen, E.M Forster, Katherine Mansfield, Kingsley Amis, Tove Janssen, Margaret Mahy, Kate Atkinson, Lorrie Moore, Helen Fielding, Elizabeth Knox and Zadie Smith.

This blog is about books I’ve enjoyed and that I think others might like too.

Please add your comments.  Let’s get book conversations going!


Email me at briege@bookfolly.com

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  1. What a lovely blog Briege! I want to go to the couch immediately and start reading! Am looking forward to reading all the reviews and pondering what my next choice will be.

  2. Brigid

    Thanks heaps, Emma! I wish you happy couch time. Your food blog is exquisite, what an inspired idea to remember people by their favourite recipes. Good memories and good times!

  3. Sam Richards

    Hi Briege,

    I have also passed your details on to Jean Richards (my Mum) as i know she is a very keen reader and commenter. I look forward to getting your reviews!


  4. Sam Richards

    As a Tove Jansson admirer did you know it was her 100th birthday last Saturday. As the author of both Theo’s and Bree’s favourite books we had a celebratory dinner and toasted her literary contribution. Her books still appeal – that is a real talent!

    • Thanks Sam, and that is such a cool thing to do! Bree and Theo have a life-long friend in Tove! I met her about Bree’s age and am still reading her (both her adult books and her children’s books). I imagine she would have been very pleased at your birthday party because she was all for parties. As Theo and Bree will know, the Moomins had some magnificent parties and Tove’s sculptor dad used to have impromptu drinking parties involving much very enjoyable and melancholy singing (sometimes weeping) about the old days.

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